In Memory of Lucille Bridges

Thinking of how difficult it must have been for the mother of Ruby Bridges, to allow her child to face the rabid throngs just to go to school. It seems that the backbone of social justice is more often than not, women. Weighing the outcome of all of the children going to Louisiana schools at that time and in the future against the emotional well being of her child had to be a difficult decision.
This song is for her.


  1. A beautiful song, beautifully performed, reminding us of an important time in American history. Sadly it’s still going on today all over the world with different groups.

  2. I have to admit that I was unaware of the lady, so did the old google thing and can see that it’s a very important story well told. Lovely guitar style to accompany

  3. Beautiful song Lorenzo. Your voice and picking are both wonderful, and the lyric “The ones that are done for those yet to come, the ones that find their way to the library shelf” captures the context of this song so well. I think however you’ve accidentally posted this pearl in the wrong group for this month.

  4. Such a soothing tune with a powerful story and message, Lorenzo. From your guitar picking to singing to performing here, you make it all seem effortless–smooth as silk. Thanks for sharing.