I’m On My Way

This is a song about emigration. Bringing “Comfort” to those in distress.
In 1971 I went to America on a 3 year J1 working visa. I needed to get away from the troubles in Northern Ireland. I returned to Ireland when the Visa ran out and I wrote this song on the way home on the plane. Then a few years ago I wrote a musical about my experience and this is the title song from the musical.


  1. It took me 20 years to write it. Finished it 5 years ago and I can’t get any interest. I have a stage play and a screen play all ready for the stage or the screen. It’s impossible to get any interest unless you are coneccted. I can send you a PDF of the screenplay if you were interested to read it.
    Thanks for your comments …Very heartening.

  2. 1971 was an eventful time to be kicking off an adventure in US. The Vietnam War was still raging, protests everywhere, and all framed with a musical background for the ages. I’m sure you were welcomed with open arms and a front row seat. Americans love an accent and (I’m assuming you’re Irish,) have one of best. 1971 was the year I graduated from high school. I know that landscape well. How exciting, terrifying and exhilerating for the immigrant of that unique time. I can feel your enthusiasm for the start of the unknown. The experience obviously left a lasting impact. Congratulations on putting your life experiences to music and ultimately your musical.

  3. Great. Liked this from the opening bars. I’m with Mal’s comment, ‘lighten up. mate’ I found myself saying – not neccesary in your case! Mazybe would’ve liked the less unobstrusive backing of the opening but that’s just me.