I’ll never get over you


  1. This lyric does a good job presenting a tale about a lover (or even a special friend) who got away, left purposely, or was never even in the relationship picture with the storyteller (i.e., perhaps someone the storyteller never even met and only admired from afar, before they didn’t see that person cross their path any more). Whatever the song’s case may be, on the surface this song captures something special where loss is concerned and it does have some enjoyable qualities. Still, it is quite a stuck lament that really never goes beyond stating that the storyteller will “never get over you.” That’s all well, fine, and good. And, true, this song sets from its start that the storyteller is beaten/saddened, e.g., by a relationship, life, or even just “dead” in spirit and is singing about it. Despite, though, the song being about what I took as a sad relationship event, I missed hearing/learning just why the storyteller was longing for “that person who got away whom they will never get over.” Why was “that person” so special to the storyteller? What was it about “that person” that made the storyteller cry out in song? I wanted to hear a line or two covering “those why” revelation particulars. I think that they would’ve made the song even more powerful, rounded, and complete.

  2. This is a fantastic song. I’ve listened to all the ‘shortlist’ songs and I must say I’ve found it hard to to emit some of the outstanding vocals and productions. This is a ‘song’ melody and lyrics and I would love to hear it produced to its full potential. After all this is a ‘SONG’ contest and for me this song stands head and shoulders above. I wish you all the very best with this entry. You deserve it. 🙂

  3. This song is telling MY story. This is all happening to me as we speak. Over a woman I haven’t seen in 45 years. So I can say that it’s all true, I’ll never get over you. The song is well written and presents a theme that is nearly universal. Almost everyone can relate in some way. The chord progression lends to the feeling of melancholy. Good job.

  4. For me this song suffers from the fact I cant hear it without thinkin of Colin Hays ‘I just don’t think I’ll get over you’ and there may be only half a dozen songs in the history of the world better than that one…