I’ll be there

Here’s my entry for this month’s comfort/disturb challenge. It’s a ‘comfort’ song for my son (who is now 12) but when I’m singing it, I’m imagining he’s still very young. Apologies for the amateurish playing and imperfect recording, I will keep practising 😃. Any feedback is always appreciated.


  1. A well constructed song and your playing was more than adequate so no need to apologise (listen to my stuff if you want to hear some rickets!!) it’s all about the song not the production.

  2. Please don’t apologise for your playing & recording, Anne. It accompanies your song beautifully & is more complex than anything I’ve attempted! Your song is full to the brim with love and sincerity. Keep writing, keep singing and keep sharing. Xx

  3. Any human being with a loving soul should be able to relate to the sentiment. The message is simple. We learn to love from those who love and nurture us. From the beginning of time, it is the best formula for producing compassionate humans and a better world. Good song!