If you did

This was a fun challenge. I kept it simple and even managed to create a video backdrop

The words – Vs1/
Sure be cool if you did/
Fall in love with me/
Listening to the radio/
Underneath the moon comes up/

I ain’t much for fancy words or great big diamond rings/
I don’t need no big ole’ house with roses round the/
There Ain’t nothin’ better than being with you/
I promise to love you true/

Sure be cool if you did/
Ask me to be yours/
Turn the radio up/
Dance me under the stars/

Vs 3/
Sure be cool if you did/
Share your love with me/
Being with you darlin’/
Is where i want to be/


  1. I love the line that opens up the verses…”sure be cool if you did…” A country voice for sure…
    The other thing is your chorus line “I ain’t much for fancy words..” is reflected in the lyrics, keeping the words in line with the theme of the song!