Ideal Day

Having written a few angst filled songs recently, I decided to write a well being type song. So this is about the first day of the summer holidays. I am lucky enough to have been brought up on the Somerset levels. There is nothing better ( yes, I still live there now) than lying in the grass surrounded by the burbling of the skylarks. So here it is… Ideal Day

Thanks to Mel who, as always, makes me sound better than I am.


  1. Wow! That’s brilliant! Love the melody, chords and lyrics. Those harmonies are gorgeous. I’m ashamed to say the joy of skylarks had missed me until this summer. We have started walking at a place in Guildford and they are there. Amazing birds! Great song!

  2. Thanks Andy and James. I really appreciate your comments. I have just realised that I have posted this in the catalogue section. Its a new song, so it will also be in the new song section.