I Wonder Why I'm Here Tonight

It won't happen if you don't take a chance. This is a song I wrote many years ago with a friend Sheila who contributed to the lyrics. it just seemed a perfect fit for the challenge. Sorry it's not a new song.


  1. What a lovely gentle song. Just goes to show that sometimes 2 chords are all that’s needed.
    I really did enjoy the simplicity and gentle elegance of your song. And a lively tone to the guitar and vocals.
    Funny, but a full production version faded in and out of the background in my mind as well. So you could take that same structure as far as you wanted..if you wanted.
    Beautiful. ?

  2. Thanks Heather. I’ve considered giving the song a bigger production, but every time I’ve tried it just doesn’t seem to improve on the stripped down version. You never know I may come up with an arrangement someday. Good luck with you’re song. I loved the playfulness of the video, very cleverly edited. It made me smile. Look forward to hearing some more from you.