I Still See It

Loved this challenge Christopher Penney and Rebecca Richards! I think I’ve got them all in here – Dims, Sus4s etc. This is called “I Still See It” and following last month’s theme is basically a love song to nature. Lyric in comments.


  1. Time was we lived in your shadows
    Time was when everything started with you
    You fed the fires
    You fed the souls
    The wheels started turning
    And the weak became the bold

    You are a friend in my mornings
    You are a comfort when days are rough
    You’re often helpless
    You’re sometimes cruel
    Our worlds keep colliding
    As I fell for you

    You are the best of my days
    You cast a light in the dark
    You put a wind in my sails

    And I still see it in a river that’s flowing
    Drawing life to its water that once fell as snow
    Yeah I still see it in a river that’s flowing
    Drawing life to its water that once fell as snow

    Yeah, I still see it in a full moon in Winter
    Casting light onto hillsides when the deer starts to roar

    Yeah I still see it in a fox skipping lightly
    Across a meadow at twilight as a frost starts to fall

    Yeah I still see it in silk on a wild rose
    As the spider sits hidden waiting for a pull

    Yeah I still see it in a swift flying higher
    On wings newly open for a journey to the sun

    Yeah I still see it…..

  2. Well done, Alan. Lots of powerful images here. You’ve managed to incorporate those chords very naturally, and I like the way you went from fingerstyle
    when the lyric was contemplative to strumming when it became passionate. I really enjoyed it.

  3. Hi Alan, I can certainly relate to this – love some of those images (silk on a wild rose, deer starts to roar), they work as poetry, too. You certainly have put your all into the perfromance as the passion is there for all to hear. Sounds like you have mastered the ‘difficult’ chords, too. Nice one.

  4. A love song to Nature; definitely my kind of song, Alan. I love the way you increase the pace and energy and there’s a flow to your melody and lyrics. It has an anthemic quality towards the end. I really enjoyed it. Very uplifting.