I love it when you smile

I was missing some people during the pandemic and we all needed some comfort at that time so I wrote this, one of my first songs. This was released as a charity single last December for the Matthew Walkin Make a Smile Foundation – they brings smiles (little treats) for patients going through cancer treatment.across South Wales (UK)


  1. ooooh I do love a bit of sparkle! I also love the hook line, and you’ve got some interesting chords in there as well, the backing singing towards the end really works well too. It’s a really well put together song. I hope you made some money from it ( I did donate, cause I’m a good girl, but also because my Dad has been fighting cancer for 18 months now… it’s no fun! )

  2. Lovely song Rebecca. Enjoyed it when you released it so it’s great to hear it again. I’m a huge Eagles fan and it reminded me of ‘Lyin’ Eyes’. Fabulous that it’s making money for a good cause.