I Built A Wall

I’ve recently joined Talent Is Timeless and this is my first submission to one of the monthly competitions..I hope you like it.


  1. Hi Tracy Thanks for those kind words, really glad you enjoyed the song…(and performance) I’m not a great musician so trying to half remember the words half read the words and trying to play and sing is a all bit of a challenge…but I do really enjoy the creative aspect of song writing…which I guess is why we are all on here. Thanks again.

    Hi Phil Yes my first song on here…it would have been posted a day or two earlier but didn’t realise you needed to upload it from specified platform rather than direct from your own device. Hence the hastily created YouTube channel…I guess I can now call my self a ‘Content Creator’! Hopefully I will be able to get my head round the technical stuff and create a decent site. (Fingers crossed). Glad you liked the song.

  2. Hi Simon Very nice of you to say so….but from what I’ve seen and heard there are some very talented people out there so I have no great expectations. I’m back to song writing after a 40 year hiatus… so still a bit rusty, but it does seem like a nice place to be…and I’m very much looking forward to playing an active part in the ‘community’.

  3. Welcome to this eclectic band of fellow creative souls, Ian. It took me ages to work up the courage to post to YouTube & contribute to the monthly challenges. I still waver every month about entering but it gets my grey cells working.
    This is a really strong, foot-tapping song & very catchy. Like Tracy, I found myself harmonising. It sounds good with just your vocals & guitar, but it would certainly lend itself to a fuller arrangement too.

  4. Welcome Ian! I think you’ll find many of us are on huge learning curves and it’s been a fantastic community to join for helpful encouragement for people like me who are relatively new to songwriting. I really enjoyed your song, very catchy and I’m still humming it after playing which is always a good sign.