A song of longing and memory
Makes me hungry…makes me lonely
Makes me worry…But it makes me strong
Makes me stand this memory
In this snow storm..
Much too long
Meanwhile in your room that girl was sitting..
Right next to you in the pooling dark
And here am I thousands of long nights later..
Feeling that deadly…painful spark
And it makes me…
Hungry…drives me crazy
Makes me weepy.. but it makes me strong
Makes me stand here….at this moment
In this snow storm…much too long

In the small hour…I remember..
All the longing…it’s never gone
Not completely…It still feeds me
When I’m lonely…In some storm
My my my my my memories…
Who cares what happened so long ago
Who says it can’t matter now..let it go, let it go
Who knows what that does to you
When you’re just nineteen years old..
Who dares deny me..
My my my my bitter memories
When they
Make me hungry…make me lonely
Make me worry… Make me strong
Help me stand here…in this snow storm
Much too long….Much too long
Much too…much too..much too…long