House that helped build me

A bit of a rushed one as I’ve a lot going on this month.,Maybe a bit cheesy but as always welcome comments. Thankyou!


  1. Hiya, Really clever title, which always makes me want to listen. This has a bit of Mary Chapin Carpemter about it – the ability to take an everyday object (in this case a house) and build a lovely confessional song around it. On a personal level, I love the backdrop of those Welsh houses that remind me of my childhood and family. I was reading that a third of Welsh housing stock was built pre-1919; I doubt the modern houses will be aroung in a hundred years. Well done, as ever. Cheers.

  2. Wonderful idea, (very relatable), and performance! I really enjoyed listening and the melody played in my head a while after, a real ear worm! I thought how well the style suited your lovely voice. Loved the line ending with ‘true north’. Lovely piano as ever.