HONEY- by Dan Lewis

A happy little song about the casual sweet-talk between strangers.


  1. Super Excellent Dan, totally enjoyed the vibe, groove and rhythm. Lovely tone and grit to your voice but with a softness into the mix, loved the guitar and chords which I’m not going to ever delude myself that I’m gonna live long enough to ever touch by 1%, but, you’ve inspired me to write more songs in the old blues style. I’ve written one which is still in process but it’s coming on. Perhaps, I’ll put it into the mix for the #GAOSSNL group and see what happens. I really appreciated your song and just wanted to say so. Cheers, happy to connect should you so choose the blues lol…

  2. Hello Terry! Thanks for contacting me; I am grateful for your very kind thoughts about my song, and pleased that you like it. As I lifetime student of songwriting, I learned the roots of this particular style initially from an old Black musician friend of mine, Walter Phelps, a first generation bluesman and friend of Pink Anderson, born in 1896. I guess the style was first popular in the 1920s and 30s, but the style resurfaces again and again, with the Beatles, the Lovin’ Spoonful, Bette Midler and many others. I was intrigued by the casual sexual innuendo implied by the original genre, and try to use it playfully in context with “the birds and the bees”. While we humans are at the top of the evolutionary ladder, I am often reminded that we are still very much motivated by elemental nature and the perpetuation of the species, so I was having fun with that. Happy to make your acquaintance; if you’d like to hear more of my sings, search “Dan Lewis Music “ at reverbnation.com.
    If you can steer me to some of your songs, I’ll enjoy having a listen.

  3. Hopefully, that’s a good feeling!
    I am a lifetime Asheville musician, but haven’t been to the Swannanoa festival, other than to perform a few times. This particular song style was borrowed in part from an old first generation Black bluesman from Asheville named Walter Phelps, who I was fortunate enough to meet, befriend and perform with in the last years of his life. So the song is influenced by Walter, the style known as Piedmont Blues, but very much a product of my lifetime experience in the American south and my own lyrical imaginings.
    Thanks for your comment; I will look around and try to find some of your songs.