Hiraeth-noun (especially in the context of Wales or Welsh culture) deep longing for something, especially one’s home.

Some time ago I heard the definition of and a number of translations for Hiraeth and I thought of this song. Where I grew up was a magical place. The North Lawn where we caught fireflies, and played almost every game we could think of, The Rose Bushes I helped my Grandmother plant and tend when I was a boy. The Wilderness Road was the drive through our woods that connected the House to the Junkyard my Dad had with cars from the 1930s to 1970s. The Cinder Bock Fort that was made from a truck load of Cinder Blocks my Dad took in payment for some service he performed. I am fortunate to own a home that makes me feel the same way I felt growing up. Hope you like the song.
Houndstooth Joe


  1. Yeah Joseph. I’m listening to this in the early evening sunshine and it’s perfect. Love your guitar work.
    Great images of the old family home. Blimey those cars would be worth quite a few dollars now! Everyone wants an old V8 it seems. Or perhaps to just relive a past carefree time. Don’t we all! 🙏😁👌

  2. That’s lovely. Nice guitar playing. Wonderful nostalgic feel – great lyric. A great example that a good song can stand up with just a voice and guitar/piano. Held me till the final chord.