Hey Best Friend

This song is a VERY rough performance of a song I just finished writing for this challenge. If any of you know me from previous entries, I usually do not perform my own instruments and sing at the same time, or video myself, so this was a very big challenge and it’s not a great video but someday after practicing this song more, I will retake a more polished performance.

The song is a nine year old talking to her older self and her older self responding. It might not seem like it fits the theme at first, but I hope by the end of the song it will make sense.

As you can see, it’s not the traditional song structure. I have two verses. I have on chorus, one bridge, on pre-chorus, and then I have a Coda that combines pre-chorus, chorus bridge.

Here are the lyrics:

Hey Best Friend
By Nikki Mische Gothelf
4:4, C maj

Hey best friend, I’m you at nine.
When you ever gonna look my way.
Been shadowing you this whole long timeI
And I see you’re doing real fine
(But do you feel fine?)

Do you remember who I am?
I’m weirdly confident and highly sensitive
I’m scrappy and sing so loud you’ll cover up your ears
I harbor highly irrational fears

I look in the mirror and sometimes like what I see.
When you look in yours do you still feel me
There’s something special that I need to propose
It’s a little sappy but here it goes

I’m thinking we could be a team
Together embrace a force within.
Cause I’m the dreamer but I see you’ve grown
You have a wisdom I have never known

Hey best friend, I see you there.
I have to admit t I wasn’t always fair
I grew critical of things you said each day
And had to prove myself in all the wrong ways
That girl tried to be a hundred different things
But Her head was in the clouds instead of practicing
When she thought that she would never be as good
Or when she thought it was more than she deserved
She let go, She let go

Voice grew smaller
brain grew tougher,
lived adventures
Loved one another

And you were wise my friend
in all the bestest ways
you knew just what we needed
And the core of just us you fed
And I thank you now for giving me
All I needed then
And I’ll try to feel you every day
Cause it’s time for me again to play

I look in the mirror and and like what I see
I’m brave enough to be I’m meant to be
Voice Grows Louder
Soul Grows Prouder

Hey Best friend
It’s a New Day It’s a New Day
And we’re going to play
We’re gonna play