Heave Away Haul Away

Hello Tisters. This is my entry for the April Challenge Sail Away. The song tells the true story of a septogenarian yachtsman/smuggler who was unable to resist one last “tickle” for his retirement. His yachting and smuggling skills proved to be not what they were and his twilight years are now being passed in one of His Majesty’s Prisons. My video editing skills are not crash hot so the video has a small false start but starts correctly at 0′ 16″ I hope you enjoy the song. One of the rhythm instruments is a Bolivian Ronroco-a favourite of mine


  1. A really enjoyable listen, lovely guitar, especially loved the bit at the end and those last few notes on the guitar, the ending is never to be underestimated! Good song entry!

  2. This is my kind of song, John! I doubt I could ever write, play or arrange anything of this calibre but I appreciate the skills that allow someone else to. Superb storytelling & if it’s possible to see the twinkle in someone’s eye through their performance, I’m seeing it. Glad to have set the challenge just for this song.

  3. Great
    Well written. Like a three act play. Musically and lyrically very polished. Also, full Of wee surprises.
    Great repeat in the chorus.
    As an old songwriter from Texes said.
    “First you tell them…Then you tell them again… And then you tell them that you told them.”
    Repeats and rhymes that’s what it’s all about.
    Well done…