This is “Headlong”. When I was about 6, me and my best friend, who conveniently lived next door, would plot to run away from home, despite coming from happy and loving families. It was about the adventure and what we perceived men could and should do – go out, explore and conquer. We collected stuff that we thought would be useful for a life on the road – such as sharp stones (for selling or for throwing at enemies) and particular types of sticks (for building or for striking enemies). Inevitably we were always thwarted by fear and in most cases, sunset and rain. This song reflects this memory but also how as men we still carry forward certain views of the world and our role. Finally, in the vid my eyes are red and puffy so it seems like I’ve been crying, but it’s not, it’s hay fever (I realise by feeling the need to explain that I’ve conformed to the song)!


  1. I always look forward to your songs Alan. This one doesn’t disappoint. I like the idea of singing from the self centred perspective of a six year old. Naively assuming the rain was the biggest adversity you might face!😀

  2. Saw this on Facebook page. Loved it then – still do! Great song. Lovely guitar and vocal. One of my favourites of your songs. Great start that makes you want to see where it goes to.

  3. Another great song, Andy. I like the way it gathers momentum from a wistful opening couple of verses with very nice fingerstyle guitar, building to the energetic (and slightly enigmatic) climax with the more rhythmic accompaniment. Good imagery throughout – I really enjoyed this.

  4. A fine take on the the theme Alan. There is a ‘but’ fior me and it is this: the opening with the gentloe vocal and picked guitar has a wonderful intimicy and immediacy which (as others have said) drew me in for more – and then with the change of tempo and style you lost me I’m afraid. Prentiously donning my ‘songwriter’ cap, I think it is tempting, and sometimes right, to vary it up a bit; but also, if you have something that works, just stick with it.

  5. I always love your songs Alan and again you’ve smashed it. Lovely gentle opening with a great ‘bluesy’ vocal feel particularly to the lyric ‘and a spirit that will drive us on and on’ then a great build up as you go headlong into the rest of the song.

  6. I love the opening picking section. Nice to hear you do that. I would have delayed the strumming coming in a bit. But it doesn’t take away from what is a great song.

  7. Mate, your style and storytelling is just getting better and better, another cracker. Brilliant song that I think could only be raised even higher with a small instrumental after the middle 8 with a screaming harmonica solo in a Dylan-esque style. Superb as always! Hope that’s going on your next EP.

  8. I find myself coming back to this song more than any other. It has so many strengths. Personally I think it builds at the perfect point (although I love the fingerstyle start). I am very jealous of your ability to go for it with just guitar and voice and kill it. If I didn’t look so stupid in them, I’d take my hat off to you!

  9. I really like how you drew us in gradually with the quieter picking before the momentum grew and you launched “headlong “ into the song. (See what I did there? 😂)
    I’d love to hear this fully produced, although I can imagine all your songs would go down great just with you and your guitar on a festival stage.

  10. This rocks along nicely and you you can pick with the best of them, and right a catchy melody. I ike the idea that there is a link between chidhood and our adult selves. Real men do cry (and get hay fever!). Nice one.