Harm Before the Storm

It’s important that we face up to the fact that rising global temperatures are resulting in serious weather events, which are only going to get worse in future. I will probably keep banging on about this because it’s not going away and I’d like my children to inherit a world where they can live in safety and without fear.
PS. I’m proud to have got this one done despite suffering from Covid!!! Go me


  1. Thanks everyone! I was hoping Covid would give me a lot more “husk” in the voice but no, I just sound like I’ve got a cold ha ha!!! I’m definitely on the mend now – so glad I made the effort to get a song out there.
    Your encouraging words make me feel great!!!! Thank you all

  2. Lyrics and melody fit together wonderfully well! I enjoyed the rhythm which felt kind of aptly ominous and thoughtful. Has the feel for me of some of Sting’s solo stuff. Good job! Hope you’re well.

  3. Tracy – I am indebted to you for comparing me to Sting… I can retire happy now. I know I’m a long way off the heights reached by Sting…. maybe I could be ‘Rash’ or ‘Spot”?

  4. You capture that fear in the drive and the darkness of this. Powerful Simon, keep shouting your message! Also, what a great performance. And on a nerdy note, you have some good lighting going on there!!