Hard Yards

Walking the tough passage to restore a relationship.


  1. Fantastic grove, vibe and energy Michael. I love the ‘Rock Opera’ feel and the drama in both you voice and lyrics which are well crafted and clean. Impressive instrumentation in equal measure. I’ve subscribed to your YouTube Channel to enjoy your current and future releases. Would really be interested in discussing potential collaborations and projects together. Will make connection with you here and let you follow your intuition…

    1. Thank you so much Terry for taking the time to listen to and comment so positively on ‘Hard Yards’. Always up for a collaboration though I’m not sure what you have in mind and I love new projects. Where are you based?

    1. Thanks so much Kyle for taking the time to listen and to be so positive about the song. I do have other songs on Soundcloud as Mike O’Brien if you’d care to listen. More coming to Youtube!

  2. I love how all the instruments and your voice are pushed to the edge and straining blow apart, but somehow stay tightly meshed through the various sections of the piece. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. This is really anthemic – in my mind I can hear you playing this at a stadium gig. I have to go along with the other guys who name checked Simple Minds – and that’s a definite plus. Nice one.