Firstly, let me please explain the the title of the song, when we were growing up in the little town of Denny in Scotland, we used to go swimming in a river called The Carron Glen, the glen had various swimming points, one which was called “The Red Brae” with its distinctive diving “Rock.”
Now, “Hairykamoochie” was a war cry everyone shouted when running and diving into the river, you were not allowed to test the water beforehand, it was run and dive.
There would be sometimes 12 -15 people all running and shouting “Hairykamoochie” as we plunged into the freezing water, proclaiming the water was roasting. Don’t ask me where the name came from or who made it up, as I haven’t a clue, it’s just one of those things you did as a youngster without question. We would then come out of the water and stand round the fire shivering, still claiming it was hot, we used to stand there for so long we would get scorch marks on our legs which was known as lazy tartan.
As we got a bit older, we still frequented “The Red Brae” but we would take our beer with us, a “Cairyoot” as we call it in Scotland.
Just up the hill was “The Fankerton Hut” where some of the best discos would be held, fantastic memories.The town of Denny was an amazing place to grow up,it used to be a powerhouse of industry, with its coalmines, paper mills, foundries.
Sadly, all the pubs with most of my best memories have now gone, the factories, the mills and the foundries, all gone, but the memory of The “Hairykamoochie” will live forever.
I have tried to put a little slide show to the song, but I’m not the best with stuff like this, hope you enjoy it.
Big Thank you to Tony White for the time put in to producing this.