Gotta Let Go

I regret posting this so late in the month, but I would regret more not posting it at all!
I've been fightin' this, fightin' this all of my life and I regret it
I keep thinkin' back, thinkin' back to what I said and what it lost me
I regret looking backwards, I regret hesitation, I regret not saying love when there was an invitation
Opportunities where there and I let them walk away
I just blundered on to live another day
I've been sinkin' down, sinkin' down, stuck in the ground lookin' backwards
I need to look ahead, look ahead, make a plan and go and get it
What I regret most of all is the regretting
Gotta let go, gotta let go of the regretting
Gotta let go, gotta let go of the regretting


  1. Thank you Tracy, Kris and Suzanne! Tracy – I’m glad you think that the idea gets across without more elaboration since I worry sometimes that my songs rarely reach 2 minutes. Suzanne – I will take your suggestion and also hope to develop an instrumental passage in the middle.

  2. I agree with Suzanne, the ‘gotta let it go at the end’ sounds like the hook to me, so maybe use it earlier in the song as well. Perhaps a middle 8 or another verse?? the rhythm worked well.