Gone Tommorow

My song for the talent is timeless competition for Sir Paul McCartney… a response to “Here today” in the style of John Lennon

Hello, it’s only me
I’ve not seen you in a while
I was here today
The next I was gone
Well, I know you think I was day-dreamer But up here I’m not the only one
It was only yesterday, oh what a memory
Floating through my mind, so tenderly
A simpler time, when we were so young and so free All our yesterdays, how they stay with me
Oh, the dreams we had, they seemed so real
And how laughed and cried, but we’d always heal the world changing to fast, oh, how all turned out Yesterday’s promise lost, now where to be found
Yesterday nostalgia seemed so very far away Now it looks as its definitely here to stay Nostalgia comes too suddenly
It was yesterday… all too suddenly…
And though we grew apart
The memories never fade
You are etched within my heart
A reminder of the love we made
I didn’t mean to hurt you
I was just a messed-up guy
I didn’t mean to hurt you
I don’t remember the reasons why
There’s this light at the end of the tunnel You’ll find me holding an open door
I’m ready here when you’re ready to Until then all my loving I will send to you