‘Going With The Tide’

The nautical metaphors are flying thick and fast on this one! A little song about leaving behind what doesn’t serve you anymore and setting sail for an exciting, more positive life. 🙂

No anchor’s gonna weigh me down, boys
I’ll take a knife to the rope that kept me tied to the ground
I’ll set my sail for the Promised Land, and Make my stand.

I’ll wave the shoreline a hearty goodbye, ‘Bye!”
And lay to rest all the memories of a lifetime of lies.
I’m headed for the clearer waters and daydreams
And what-might-have-beens.

I strived all my life to be wise and do right but my will never seemed to suffice.
The harder I tried happiness ran to hide
So, I ended up surrendered up and going with the tide, uh-huh-huh.

Head astern and we’re gonna run aground, yeah
And if we’re both gonna struggle then we’re both gonna drown
Those new horizons are calling to greet me
Beyond the sea.

To take arms against harms seemed to work like a charm but it never worked out in the end
So, just go with the flow, ride the blows and you’ll know
You’ll never get caught by the undertow, No-no-

No anchor’s gonna weigh you down, girls
So, take a knife to the life that kept you tied up and boundp
Set your sales for the Promised Land, and
Make your stand, yes
Make your stand, mmm


  1. I really like this. Amonst all the tongue-in-cheek nautical clichés, there’s a good consistent message, and a very listenable chord progression and tune – great performance.

  2. I love the “strive to be wise” and “arms against harms” lines and i wouldn’t have spotted the play on anchor had Steve Strawhead not mentioned it on Facebook! Very cool song all round, really like the overall laidback vibe. I can hear a jazz band version of this too.