Glad I’m Not Paul

I had fun with this, as I love Pauls quirky sense of humor, and his ability to say al ot with a little Hope you all enjoy

We’ll I’m Glad I’m not Paul
I’m better off being me
There’s just one Paul after all
I’d be a poor facsimile

Vs 2
He Started out as a Lad
Fame and fortune in between
Then five times he was a Dad
He’s Still Making the scene

It’s been a Long and Winding Road
More than a Thousand Songs i’m told
Loved by millions Across the Universe
Everyone’s so happy when he writes another verse
Eloquent or terse
For better or for worse
A blessing not a curse

Vs 3
He won’t use four letter words
Except for one i’m thinking of
He taught us all a simple truth
All you need is Love


Vs 4
So i’m glad i’m not Paul
We’re all happier you see
There’s just one Paul after all
I’m better off being me.