Ghost Time

Congratulations to Chris Penney and John Davies for winning the June #ChildhoodMemories challenge!
This is my back catalogue song for August.
It’s from one of my Albums. I use the the name Dream Rabbit for my Facebook page, so that why is on the video. It’s all me though.
The tune is soothing the message is disturbing maybe?
Thank you🙏


  1. Pychedelic vibrations in my headphones from a time beyond my time. Its easy to get lost in the feeling, it kidnapped me for 4.27 mins and took me on a journey I have no idea what the song is about as it played to my subconious mind, but I guess ‘in its era’ that was fine.
    A very interesting listen. Well Done, for your hard work. Karen

  2. I love “the march” of the drums. I felt as though I was marching towards uncertainty, with a life full of diverse experiences in the rearview. I think this is one of my favorites of yours. Good job of tapping into the universal mind.

  3. Hey, I really like this, Phil – bit psychedelic and reminds me a bit of early Pink Floyd. I know it is secondary but I like the video too – wish I could do that but as you can see from my entries i’m a complete Luddite.

  4. Phil, I always find your songs interesting and worthy of a listen. you are such a different type of songwriter to me and so I always enjoy listening to your slant on a challenge.