Gameshow Story

Thinking of the theme I imagined the classic country relationship songs and tried to come up with an original angle of incorporating ( shoe horning?!) some 1970’s UK gameshow titles into the song. For once the words, tune and chorus all came together very quickly so seizing the moment I made a quick video recording and entered the challenge!


  1. Really original song (and it’s hard to be original with country) you’ve got me all misty-eyed thinking of those ’70s songs. The cover picture featuring (if memory serves) Anne Aston and Wei Wei Wong took me back, too. I really like the cut of your jib. Cheers.

  2. Brilliant! This really made me smile – I imagine you had a lot of fun writing this. The lyrics make you want to listen hard unless you miss the next reference. What a great idea! And it’s definitely met the ‘country’ brief.

  3. Cousin Bob Monkhouse! Well, sort of. My cousin Jackie was married to Bob. A really nice man. As a 14 year old I was part of a group that auditioned for Opportunity Knocks and I still remember what Hughie Green said as we reached verse two of Plaisir d´Amour. He said “Next!” A brilliant idea to incorporate those game shows into a story although I was sort of triggered by the Hughie Green reference. I might need a lie down