First of all congratulations to everyone for the great July melody tracks.
I listened to as many of the July melody’s as I could and had some ideas for quite a few.
However, Funfair had a really unusual feel to it and that’s what grabbed me the most. The first verse came into my head almost immediately, and that’s always a good sign.
Thank you to Simon for allowing me to add the lyrics and do a bit of arranging etc. on his Melody.

Funfair lyrics
Once upon a time when I was at the funfair.
Wandering around in my own little world.
My coins to spend there.

Dodge- em’s and swing boats, candyfloss hawkers.
That’s when I saw her, this vision of love.
Stood by the waltzers.

Love, love.

I stood quite still just lost in the moment.
She smiled and waved like she knew me.
Was my luck heaven sent.

She floated over and to my amazement.
She asked, would you come with me.
I’d really like to ride the ghost train.

At once it all makes sense.
That moment when time stands still.
Angels singing in my ears
I scream out loud, I will.

I fell in love with the girl at the funfair.
And we’ll stay together in the tunnel of love.
Now and forever………….


  1. So rich, deep, and telling is Simon’s melody here and how well you captured its vintage, yesteryear, retro feel in lyric and song with warm meaning, Phil. Thanks for sharing your lyrical interpretation of this melody’s wonderment and for revealing a story in song about it!