Freedom Square

I managed to get some of the specified chords (but not all) into this song. I’m currently writing another song using some of the other chords mentioned in the challenge.

Special thanks to Rebecca Richards for pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me to seek out chords that I’ve not used before (and to Julie Anne for her very helpful video about some of the chords).


  1. I’m in tears listening to your tribute to Amir & Astiyazh,
    Bill. The lightness of your touch and storytelling is a stark contrast to the tragedy of their situation and adds to the sadness for me.
    I’ve not yet begun to unravel the chord challenge myself & will most likely give this month a miss, but well done for combining song & challenge in such a meaningful way.

  2. I like writing songs (especially story songs like this one) but I don’t usually enter the monthly challenges. I’ve loved learning the new chords in this challenge. Thanks to everyone for all the lovely feedback and encouragement.