Freedom For Me by Linda Lamon

Walking by the River Goyt in Marple, listening to music through my iPod (Chris Rea!) made me realise the I was lucky to be able to have the time to do this and had the freedom of nature – unlike my friend, who I am singing about, who was tied up in business and heart matters most of the time and never made the time to enjoy the simple things in life.


    1. Thanks Cath – I tend to do a lot in minor keys – but also a lot in D – it depends on the pitch and the mood! I never dod finish the ‘dripping tap’ song – but must do it one day. xx

    1. Thanks Huw! I’m so pleased you liked it. I’m just actually doing a proper recording of it for my next album – but it is arranged very differently (with cello). One day I will post it – but not for a while yet! Good luck with your songs. Linda

    1. Hi Bernard, Yes, my friend missed out and so do many, many people – lots of folk did find that peace in nature during lockdown though. I’m working on a completely different arrangement at the moment, but keeping the chords . Hope your songwriting is going well. Linda