For a Single Childhood Dream

Written in 1973, the recording was included on my 1975 vinyl album “Atkinsongs”. Some of the language is dated, regrettable even, but here it is, as it was when the song first came to me, half a century ago.


  1. Thank you Nicole, for listening and the comment. The Cat Stevens feel – I think the things that we were listening to, hearing, to leave a mark on our songs, sometimes fairly obvious (to me), at other times people hear something else – as you have in this case. Certainly I was listening to Cat Stevens at the time. I call these things ‘fossils’ and the obvious one here is ‘I lost something somewhere down the road’ which comes from Kris Kristofferson’s ‘something that got lost along the way’ in his somg ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’. Also, I was living in Liverpool then and so we get ‘shopping for me Ma’ (!).

  2. Very nice Dave. I do love a bit of the old harp and the use in intro and outro works well here. Watching the telly when you should have been shopping for your Ma! You had a telly! You were lucky 🤣

  3. I really enjoyed this! Sprouts on Sundays. Dear Jesus please forgive I watched the telly made me laugh! Gently funny and flowing lyrics throughout. Easy on the ears guitar, what’s not to like.

  4. Nice sentiments that most of us can relate to, with a strong chorus. You mentioned ‘regrettable’ in the blurb, but I coudn’t see antthing to regret, it’s a fine song, though I think it could stand being a little slower.