Footprints in the Snow

Grief affects us all in a different way. This is a song about not being able to bring to my mind the voice or smile of someone with whom you spent a lifetime


  1. What a beautiful song, Mel. The lyrics and melody flow together and carry me along with you throughout. Intensely moving. You capture those fragile, transitory memories that we yearn to hold onto for just a little longer 💜

  2. I’ve listened to this tune several times. Irregardless of the message, music sometimes takes my mind to strange, unintended places. I found myself watching the closing credits to a James Bond film, with “Footprints In The Snow” playing over them. In my mind that’s a good thing! Great piece of music here!

  3. I “just noticed” that earlier, on the Facebook site you mentioned the James Bond theme. I had not seen that earlier comment on the Facebook page before I posted my comment here. It does sound like a Bond film piece.