First Lady

This month I challenged myself to not write another piano ballad. This was harder than I thought! I tried playing the guitar but my playing was horrible, so it’s piano again with a bit of mandolin on top of drum & bass. Very much welcome opinions, & feedback, I’m not sure about this one.


  1. Hiya, I’m not sure why you aren’t sure about this song, it is very catchy. I think you were right not to ditch the piano completely as it certainly adds to the piece and (you’ll think I’m mad here!!!) it gives things a Hall & Oates soulful kind of feel – at least to my ears aging ears!. Nice one. Cheers, Phil

  2. Thank you everyone for your very kind comments. I almost didn’t post this I just didn’t think it was any good. Really appreciate you taking the time to listen & comment & giving me your words of encouragement x