Fire, Rain, Wind and Sea

Just a little nudge to those 'Climate Change' deniers….
You know; you do what you can…


  1. Fire, Rain, Wind, & Sea
    Poisoned by air that we breath

    The truth is one you can’t admit
    It challenges, your way of life, and your beliefs
    This truth is awkward for you are the cause
    With your greed and your excess and materialistic flaws

    Fire, Rain, Wind, & Sea
    Extremes more deadly and common than foreseen

    Convinced its nature or your idol’s credo
    Hiding mistaken that’s it’s nothing at all
    Ignoring reason in your head and your heart
    Watching images of destruction denying your part

    Fire, Rain, Wind, & Sea
    Flames engulf us increasing the heat

    Hold your child in your arms and look into their eyes
    Entwinned with a world that suffocates and dies
    Make a difference if you dare and question why
    Challenge your indifference your arrogance your pride

    Fire, Rain, Wind, & Sea
    Droughts leaves nothing extincting what’s been

    I have no answers or guides on what to do
    Accept to recognize what’s happening it’s you
    I guess though you’d never listen to words in a song
    And if you did could you ever believe that you’re wrong

    Fire, Rain, Wind, & Sea
    Oceans rising as our time here depletes

    Fire, Rain, Wind, & Sea