Feathers in the Snow

Feathers in the Snow

Copyright © 2021 David McCann All Rights Reserved

I always thought you'd always be
I never stopped to see the truth
But the day that you were taken
Was the day that I surrendered
the carelessness of youth

I never stopped to say goodbye
I didn't wait to watch you go
And all the words you never heard from me
Are drifting in the past
Like feathers in the snow

Tell me did you guess
Tell me did you know
What lay inside my heart
Even though it didn't show
Even though it didn't show
And I kept it all inside
Through all the the fallen tears
And all the passing years
Love has never died

Sad you never got to see
Your children's children as they grew
Sadder still to think they will
never get a chance to know
The gentle man I knew

And now I take a look
At each beginning and each end
I realise the worth of
The time I spent on earth
With a father and a friend.