I was contemplating my weathered countenance one day, and my favorite ultra-worn and patched pair of pants on another day, and then the song was started. My friend Dave adds depth with his Les Paul. Thanks for watching!


  1. Steven, you really looked like you and your friend, Dave were both enjoying making music together. I like it. Very cool tuning, interesting chords and changes and the lyrics were rounded and whole. (Can you post the lyrics please Steven if possible) It was a ‘real’ song, real playing with real friends and a real, 1.48 video. Nicely done. Happy you entered and are here as a member. Happy to connect should you so wish…

  2. Terry – thanks for the kind words! Let’s see if the lyrics can be pasted here:
    I’m kind of in the background
    No heads turn
    when I walk through the door
    It’s a lot less work
    than it was before
    I’m so faded
    I’m understated
    I’m so faded
    I’m understated

    Like being washed and dried
    a hundred times
    The cloth feels fine
    but it’s frayed at the edges
    And the fit
    it’s better than new
    And thanks to you
    I’ve got these patches

    I’ve been down a road
    or two
    I’ve had my taste of the
    bitter brew
    But still I wink my eye
    at you
    I’m so faded
    I’m underrated
    I’m so faded
    I’m underrated