Eyes Of Goddess

There you’re hidden over a blue sky
Like a forbidden tree, I may never touch
Though you could be far away
Yet still not so far when all I want, it’s you

In my eyes you’re my goddess totally
Innocent and your soul is like an angel’s kiss
I need you in my arms

Your love and passion sparked in my heart
I knew I’d never be the same
Take me far away show me your love
Let our feelings soar, let them
Reach the sky

In my eyes, you’re my goddess
In every way, you’re so divine
It takes my breath away

In my eyes, you’re my goddess
My one and only love
And when I get lost in your eyes
I won’t be apart


  1. i enjoyed the lively pop techno beat to this . I think there’s something here but if I’m honest I reckon it needs a little work to refine the lyric and practice with the vocal a bit. Hope you don’t mind that feedback!