Extraordinary Love

After reading the book "Dreamland" about the American opioid crisis, I met a singer songwriter from Portsmouth, OH where the book was set and from where it got it's title (The name of the old, now defunct public swimming pool). Josiah Whitley was launchoin an album titled "Moonsongs". I was amazed to see someone from the town so full of life, of love enjoying his songwriting, singing and we got talking about WHY we write songs and sing them – this is my take on the issue. Thanks for listening


  1. A lovely all-round sound and a steady blend of voice and guitar. I liked the little ‘tap’ thing you used for the best!!
    And I do love it when the lyrics are posted up with the song so I can take them in properly. And I really identified. I write very personal songs. It’s the only way I can write. It’s cathartic. Then I bare my deepest feelings on stage. 👏👏