I’ve been in two minds whether to post this here. I know there is a feeling that “winners” shouldn’t post a song for the challenge they’ve set so I won’t be at all offended if I don’t get any votes but any feedback is always welcomed. I love the interaction and it helps me decide if a song is worth pursuing.
Written for the chord challenge and big thanks to John Davies for suggesting the song title.


  1. As the challenges are for fun, I think that anyone can post a song written in response to the challenge and that it would be a travesty if songs like this did not see the light of day because the writer had won before. As I have said on FB, this song is sublime.

  2. I am not competitive enough to worry about these things. Post away as far as I am concerned. The chord sequence is inspired with some interesting shifts, and the melody glues it all together beautifully. Great challenge Becs and and beautiful response to it.

  3. I don’t see why someone who has set a challenge shouldn’t enter it, but that’s just my opinion. Lovely melody, you sure know some interesting chords.The lyrics are very honest, too: ‘Unbearable pain searing though my soul’- Ouch! sounds like you’ve lived that.

    Soul’. Lovely melody,

  4. Thankyou all. Thanks Phil Crooks for this comment. Structurally this is possibly the most unusual song I’ve written, I’m not sure it’s even a chorus really. I’m typically a verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus kinda gal so it’s unsettling for me to deviate. Thought it would be worth trying something different. Cheers for listening and taking the time to comment

  5. You are the Queen Becs. I feel this all the way through. Lyrically and musically it’s just beautiful. I actually feel angry that someone could hurt you like this. Which is the sign of another wonderful song. XXX

  6. You’ve written so many beautiful songs, Bec, and this one is no disappointment. I’m not usually a huge fan of sad songs but you weave your lyrics and melody so beautifully together with that gorgeous peak before fading. Fabulous 😘.

  7. Oh, and as far as I’m concerned, I’d be sorry if the person who set the challenge couldn’t enter. My only concern would be that when it can put the onus on them to one up with bright ideas.

  8. Thankyou Andy, Suzanne and Heather. Should I confess that this isn’t a true life story, but if I made you think it I’m delighted! And you’re right Suzanne, I think the winner could be given the right to pass the challenge / interview on to the next one – share it about a bit. I’m not bothered about the competition, it’s the interaction that is the magic.

  9. If I heard this lyric correctly, I find it masterful. “I go digging through the dirt….raking rubble in the hurt.” I had to rewind and listen several times. If I had to guess, I would say you are very proud of that line? I would be. There’s an aura of sadness to this tune. It’s very visual in its sonic mathmatics. All things considered, I think you aced your own challenge.

  10. Thankyou Steve Choate, I feel like I have to try really hard on the lyrics as they are not naturally easy for me, I have a bias towards the music end of songwriting as my challenge implies (!). As a consequence I’m always delighted if anyone finds anything of interest in my lyrics – thankyou for picking them out (& and you are correct, that’s exactly what they are).. 😀

  11. A master-class in chords echoing the mood of the lyrics. (Thanks for showing the keys) Rising G +5,6,7 (I feel your ) , falling Dmaj7, (min)7, 5 ( everywhere) with the modulation to C as C4 for the sudden memory (buttercups … ) that was false-gold for fools (brilliant!) falling Em, D but F/C not C (but stay with me to the end ) . Second time around Em-ish, D, F/C repeats (splinter branches I fall ) but Em-ish, D, F#dim7 for the soaring soul searing. Wow!

  12. Wow Tony thanks for the masterclass in interpreting what I’m playing (I wouldn’t know how to describe most of them and I’m so lazy I rarely write my chords out unless someone else needs them). Thanks for kind comments.