Even The Trees Were Weeping

A song about Abraham Lincoln, specifically his death just as the American Civil War was coming to a close, told from the viewpoint of a young Union Soldier who is one of the detail of six soldiers who remove his body from Petersen House and take it to the White House on the morning of Saturday 15 April 1864.

If I’d had a bit longer I would have re-done the vocal to get better phrasing – but then it would be the middle of June!


  1. Love that moody groove Paul👌
    Right up my street👍
    If you feel that the vocals need going over again just go for it. Then you’ll enjoy playing it back more. That’s what I do. They sound just fine to me though bud👍😁

  2. Great capture of the time period in song and video. Cool how you had it told through the eyes of a detail soldier. Vocal sounded all fine to me. I didn’t hear any need for rephrasing. The way the song plays now is really raw–and I mean that in the best sense possible. I love how it all has the listener stepping in time and in line with that soldier, and how the texture in and tempo of your voice brings the realism of the event home to ears even more.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I would have been proud to have come up with the line “Even the trees were weeping”, but it actually comes from a newspaper quote at the time about Lincolns funeral cortege passing.