Erik, The Love Of My Valentine

HI I am Fede from Italy
I have loved Paul since I was a teenager, and have been leading a Macca Tribute band for over 15 years,
and I have always tried to give new readings and perspectives to many less known pieces
I’ve always been fascinated by Paul’s classical influences, sometimes unconscious
For this tribute I chose to cover two songs very distant from each other in time (Love of the Loved 1962 and My Valentine 2012)
However, they present several similarities, in chords progressions and lyrics, united by a common thread of a well-known classic theme by Erik Satie
Thank you all, happy listening!


  1. Heartfelt, warm tribute! Great play, sound, and video. Wonderful to hear how Sir Paul musically touched your life and influenced you. Thanks for sharing your music-playing talent here.