1. Ditto, @JayneIngles , this one does have somewhat of a Phil Collins air–due to its drums (especially at intro) and their attention call. I also, though, heard the lyric as a mix and cross between the singing clarity of Carly Simon and sweeping music airiness of The Dobbie Brothers. Still, I thought this song long at just under 5 minutes, wonder about the airtime it’d ever be given, and of its universal appeal because of that length. Still, “We’re killing time” is a nice hook in this one. I also liked how the music delicately dipped and rose, then sewpt into the “wo-wo-wo…,” and found that “wo-wo-wo” a catchy link of sorts in the beat’s smoothness. I continue, though, to sense this one is a little dated and wonder about all that torpid smoothness for large-market appeal.