Elections Have Consequences

This song is about voting, one of the cornerstones of the freedoms that democracy brings to society….

I wrote this song in 2020 as my "Public Service Announcement with a Groove". I felt that we all needed to get out and vote so that our voices could be heard because elections have consequences.

Two years later, I tweaked it a bit, because I think that this is still true. The will of the electorate cannot be done if the electorate is absent from the polls.


  1. I really like the jazzy groove on this – slightly Stevie Wonderish. It’s the only song I’ve ever come across with the importance of voting as a theme, and that there would be ‘consequences’. There have been!

  2. As a public service announcement with a groove you’ve 100% hit the brief! Clever and informative lyrics in a smooth jazz setting. I’m not sure if you’d appreciate me saying it’s fun because it’s a serious matter, but I enjoyed it .

  3. I think more people would get off their arses and vote if there were more songs like this. OK, there is ‘Things can only get better’ but I prefer this, which is both easy on the ear and danceable: you can’t say that about Billy Bragg! The spoken rap at the end is great, too. So, I better get off my arse and vote for you. Nice one, Richard.

  4. Rebecca, thank you. I do appreciate the comment about it being fun. A couple of anecdotal observations.
    — One of my friends wondered if I should write a companion song celebrating democracy and how wonderful it feels to vote
    — I was in Australia in 2019 for their election (for Prime Minster) and one of the things that I learned was that they had Barbecues at the polling places
    I do think that while elections are serious matter, Democracy is something worth celebrating.

  5. Suzanne, thanks for the comments. You mentioned advertising and animations. I wish I had animations skills, that would be cool. As for advertisements, more than one person has told me I should write jingles —- hmmmmm….