Elders of the Tribe

Live acoustic family campfire video of the title track of my album Elders of the Tribe


  1. well John this is a winner for me in every way. I completely empathise with your beautiful lyrics. Your guitarwork is effortless and your voice slight shades of Dylan – always a winner for me also. Love it! Good luck in the comp

  2. Hey John, I love the sentiment of Elders of the Tribe. I dig your guitar style and those fresh sparkling strings in the mix. Your understated voice is a joy and has just the tone to deliver to the well thought out video. X

    1. Hi Chris
      Thanks for your kind words and observant comment. The audio to go with the film of Elders of the tribe.is indeed a little dodgy. The origanal idea for the film was for me to mime along to the track then marry the studio version to the film. My son in law who shot/edited the film and is a successful photographer/filmer said this was the best way forward. Me of course being an old bloke knew better and felt sure I could maintain a consistent tempo! Wrong! So the slightly rough live audio is at the moment what goes with the film. The song is the title track of my album “Elders of the Tribe” which can be found on the link below. The album has a fully produced version of the song with lots of instrumentation, also a “minimal” mix which has only vocal, acoustic guitar and bolivian charango. The latter is my entry for the 2022 competition. https://johnnieguy.bandcamp.com/album/elders-of-the-tribe