Elders of the Tribe

A video presentation of my song "Elders of the Tribe"


    1. Thanks Chris for the info re finding audio submissions-that clears it up. Thinking back I did receive a confirmation of submission e mail. Thanks for kind words o my song/video. The little outro is played on a Bolivian Charango.

    1. Hi Charlotte -thanks so much for your comment. The song was inspired 5 years ago by the birth of my first granddaughter (I now have 5!) Here are the lyrics to Elders of the tribe

      Its all that we can do, its all that we want
      To see our babies flourish and attend the holy font
      Some reassurance now and then, a word if it is asked
      When the truth is required, nothing hidden nothing masked

      We’re the Elders of the Tribe silently present
      Always here and waiting for your call
      The Elders of the Tribe watching the full moon and the crescent
      We’re The Elders of the tribe we’ve experienced it all

      Some say don’t listen to Grandpa, he’s just a sentimental old fool
      But some say hear you’re Grandad well, he’ll teach you more that you learn in school
      Grandma only cries cause she loves you more than the heavens above
      Grandma does’nt cry in anquish,Grandma cries in love

      Things get quiet round here at night now winter’s rolling in
      And I’ve got so used to you my freind its as if you were my twin
      We watch our children win and lose like when we played the game
      But moves by so quickly, time has no shame, time has no shame

      Chorus x 2

  1. Love your song John,so full of obsevation and holds that lovely reverence for the wisdom of the elders.. I think it’s really good to have that put in words. The music is lovely too.