Ease of the Lie

A song born from two phrases that came up at work mixed with Suzanne’s challenge. Sorry it’s a bit rough, done in one take, migraine starting!!!
Ease of the Lie

V1 On the shifting sands of circumstance
We fixed our course, took our chance
And set sail
To the promised land
But you couldn’t hold or wouldn’t try
I couldn’t turn a blind eye
And if you need to ask why
It was the ease of the lie

Chorus Ease of the lie
So smooth to your lips
Ease of the lie
Like the softest touch of your fingertips
Why? The ease of the lie

V2 Just when I thought we were on the right tack
You trimmed your sails and pulled right back
And changed course
You just had that knack
So you planned to leave us high and dry
When I found I couldn’t stem the tide
And if you need to ask why
It was the ease of the lie


Bridge Like ships that pass in the night
We neither one showed a light
Separate courses set
We’re setting sail

Chorus x2


  1. As Mark said, ‘The ease of the lie’ is a great line. I’m hearing some full harmonies on the word ‘lie’ on lines 1 and 3 in the chorus to bring it to the fore. (That’s just me though, ignore me 🤣)

  2. Good song, Andy – some great phrases (especially the title) with just enough nautical metaphors to match the brief, but still keep the lyric sounding natural and unforced. Well done.

  3. Hi mate, I’m a sucker for a great title, and this is a great title. The rest of the song doesn’t disappoint either: ‘Like the softest touch of your fingertips’. Nice one

  4. I love how you’ve interpreted the theme, Andy, and, as others have said, great title & memorable chorus with many harmonious possibilities. Well done for keeping going despite the impending migraine 🌊🎶.