(Drive Me) Wild

(You Drive Me) Wild

They say it’s the little things that pull us together
But for me I think they push us apart
‘Cos if you worry too much about the small stuff
You won’t take time to listen to your heart

You drive me wild
You play the princess, the witch then the clown
You drive me wild
You’ve turned my whole life upside down
You drive me wild
(last time)
But baby don’t ever stop driving me wild
But baby never stop driving me wild

You’re never ever happy in the moment
Forever dreaming of something new
And loving you has never been easy
But I still can’t get enough of you


The sparks often fly between us
Raised voices then slamming doors
But every night when we get to make up
You leave me crying out for more



  1. I think you have backing singers, Jonathan, because that’s Rebecca, Julie & me singing harmonies! Now there’s a plan. ?
    What a gorgeous love song. Love the lyrics as others have said & hope to hear more from you. ??