Dreaming it All Away

This evolved a bit. I had the chord structure quickly but the lyrics have taken me almost to the deadline day! The content started off as a little ditty about life not living up to expectations, but it ended up taking the viewpoint of frustrated musician. In truth I’m not quite as melancholy about the whole music thing as the song suggest, but, well you’ve got to tell a story haven’t you? The bit about being told that music is not a career probably resonates with a lot of people, but I’ve earned a decent living in the construction industry so I’m not complaining.


  1. After hearing you play this at the Open Mic last night, I wanted to hear it again as I really enjoyed it, I felt your Open Mic performance last night had more of an impact and stronger representation of the song than this recording. I liked the choice of chords and the subject that is very relatable – the lyrics were good too and were well crafted to express the sentiment.