Dream the Days Away

Swithered about whether I should entert this. Written a few years ago for Greenmantle's first collection of songs, and then re-recorded with my friend Duncan Sloan on keyboards to give it a more woozy feel. Then the #procrastinationchallenge came along, and typically I kept putting off making a decision about posting it. I keep putting off thinking about it….is it autobiographical or not? You songwriters will know how that feels. But at some time you've got to decide whether or not youre going to let it go. Well cheerio Dream the Days Away….


  1. Hello Jack, I enjoyed this – the production is very lush and top marks to your keyboard player. The dreamy melody is very catchy, too. Sweet dreams! Cheers, Phil

  2. Thanks to everyone for their very generous comments. I enjoyed producing the song. Funnily enough the writing only took about 20 minutes. I think I had been dreamimg it before I wrote it. Pretty obvious influences though, but a little of me there peeking out. Love to you all J