Congratulations to Chris Penney and John Davies for winning the June #ChildhoodMemories challenge!
It’s summer and in my mind I imagine drifting down a river on a balmy evening.
Life is good, love is better.
Anyway back to the track.
It’d be super if it inspires one of you guys to pen a few lyrics.
On the video I have plotted a few pointers for cuing purposes.
Much love


  1. I really like the vibe on this Phil. I am away on holiday and I’ll give this some lyrical thoughts. I don’t have time this month to do a melody only tune myself. I can hear a counter melody in my head for this though. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything deserving of your tune. Cheers. Malster

  2. I love it but I feel it’s essentially a backing track rather than than a melody as such. Nothing wrong with that though, In fact it’s more liberating.

  3. Thanks for you great comments guys.
    Yes, I deliberately left this one empty orchestra (Kara-Oke) style. I have my ideas on how the vocal melody sits in it. But I’d like to hear how someone else feels it.
    It’s all good fun😁✌️

  4. Really interesting approach to the challenge given there is no tune provided, would give a lyricist plenty of scope. Great sound but am I right there is no chorus just verses and a middle 8?

  5. I agree with Alison L that it seems to be more of a backing track but it does have a great feel. It reminds me a bit of “Back to the Island” by Leon Russell which is definitely a good thing. The double-time drums are a nice touch.

  6. So much space for interpretation and development! You’ve created a very mellow, inviting soundscape, Phil. It would be a shame to add too many lyrics. Just something now and again to add to the story you’ve already created with your arrangement.