Dover Christmas

YAY – I GOT IN EARLY!! Not a new song – I wrote it as my Xmas Card to friends. I write a different one each year and they are usually humorous commentsries on the year just gone but I wasn´t feeling particularly jolly at the time. A casting of the Nativity to modern day Dover. The parallels are obvious. The arrivals are daily. They leave their home and arrive in a hostile country and are told that there is no room at the inn. If you want some fun out of this – spot the carols hidden in the instrumental in the middle


  1. Thanks Huw. I put the four carol´s names on the Facebook entry. I love sneaking in references like this. Have a listen to “The Apprentice” at my Youtube channel and see if you can spot the Woody Guthrie song in the instrumental there.

  2. As mentioned on the Facebook site, a powerful song, Andy, and a really interesting take on the Nativity and migrants. The lyrics win out here, but the melody is really pretty, too. All in all, a lovely package.